Saturday, 6 March 2010

Awaiting the patter of little trotters...

Well, it's a week to go before the anticipated arrival of the first Quirky Piglet... how apt that he or she is due on Mothering Sunday (although unlikely that they'll be so obliging as to actually arrive on their due date!). I feel as ready as I'll ever be and quite, quite ready not to be pregnant any longer. Feel like a barrel on legs at the moment, with a stomach (and bladder) the size of a peanut...

Anyway, I've put my last bits of free time to good use and made two change mats. One side is lined with waterproof fabric, the other side is a pretty piece of material and in between is some soft padding, so it can also be used as a play mat when flipped over. Added some ties which means I can roll it up neatly, just right for carrying about in my handbag (along with my drawstring wet nappy bag). When I've finessed the design, I'll put some on the website for sale but in the meantime, littlest QP can be my test (guinea) pig. 

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