Wednesday, 31 March 2010

And it's a big warm welcome to Quirky Piglet!

The littlest Quirky Piglet is 12 days old today! He was ushered into the world at 4.30am on Saturday 20th March weighing a highly respectable 7 pounds 10 ounces (don't ask me what that is in kilograms, I'm old fashioned). Apart from putting my back out during labour (the least said of which the better), I'm actually feeling rather chipper, probably helped by the fact that little QP seems to have the sleeping and feeding thing down quite well. Long may it continue. I've probably jinxed myself now.

Obviously not much going on craft-wise at the moment - I'm still too busy gazing proudly at my greatest creation so far...

And for today, it's a goodbye oink from me and a goodbye squeal from him x


  1. Many congratulations and a huge welcome hug to your new Quirky Piglet (love that name!!)

    Please can we have a photo and name when available!!

    Hope you haven't jinxed things - sounds like you need to rest as much as possible! Hopefully your back will recover soon (along with other bits!! Ahem...)

    Love Ali x

  2. Aw, thank you both. His name is Jethro Jeremiah (strangely biblical for two completely atheist parents, but we liked it) and photo will be coming soon. He really is adorable (note: this comment may be biased...).