Friday, 26 February 2010

The Beauty of Fresh Bedlinen

Today, QuirkyPig changed the sheets. Exciting, huh? Well, in my opinion, fresh clean bedlinen is one of life's greatest small pleasures. Ah, the joy of sinking into crisply ironed, 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and snuggling beneath a plump, soft duvet, with perhaps a herbal slumber pillow or little heart sachet slipped into the pillow case to waft you to Dreamland with the delicate scent of lavender...

I must confess, when I was young, I didn't believe in ironing bedlinen (or indeed, in ironing anything - it cut into valuable partying time). Then I met Mr QuirkyPig and he introduced me to the joys of well-pressed and freshly laundered bedsheets and I have never looked back (it helps that Mr QP still does the ironing). One thing though - when you have fresh bedlinen, you must complete the whole sensual experience with a clean set of sleepwear. There's no point in heaping your bed with a sumptous pile of spankingly clean linen and then getting into it in the same pair of manky pyjamas you've been wearing all week. No, go to the whole hog: pure, snowy linen, plumped up pillows and some immaculate nightwear in sensual silk or cuddlesome brushed cotton. Add a mug of cocoa, a quiet, dark room and you're all set for the best night's sleep of your life.

Which reminds me, it's time for my nap. Zzzzzzzzz......


  1. My feelings exactly. There's nothing like a nice clean bed.

  2. Top 2 things I'd do if I were rich (and unconcerned about my carbon footprint):

    1. Daily foot massage
    2. Daily clean and laundered bedlinen!